Sunday, July 1, 2007

Still updating.... Day 2

OK, so I'll start my focus on knitting, but there's only so much of that b/c I've been so busy dyeing and spinning... So I'll probably start on the dyeing experiments as well, if only b/c that'll probably take a few days. YES, there really is that much!

First, I did miss one thing yesterday related to spinning. This month's Zen String Fiber club:


I know I've said this before, but it's always true! I just can't get the colorways to take photos that do them justice. The dark color is actually a forest green, and the blues are acutally a bright turquoise and blue. Also, it's got purples and bright yellow to gold. Her inspiration for this was the self-striping sock yarn from Spin-Off. They go through a whole detailed explanation from dyeing fiber to finished sock. And I believe I may go with that suggestion. These would just make the coolest socks! Originally, I was thinking I might try practicing my navajo plying to do this, but I'm worried the stripes won't be long enough, and I'd have to spin it thinner since it would be 3 ply, so I think I'm going to go with the procedure explained in Spin-off. We'll see how it turns out!

Next, the knitting. I've been continuing in the pursuit of washclothes. I finished up my second one.


Again, it's one of Smariek's designs. I figure I'll just go through all the ones of hers that I like, then I can start looking elsewhere. Well, with one definite exception. Carole had a WONDERFUL Butterfly pattern mentioned on her blog a few weeks ago that is getting done next. I'll try and find the author's name so I can give proper credit. But since I haven't even started yet, I don't feel too bad! But Cassie LOVES butterflies, so I just couldn't resist. She was kind enough to forward me the pattern. So that'll be my next washcloth.

I'm also working on another Sophie Bag for Cassie (the other one was actually for my niece, but I was attempting to keep it a surprise -- my sister does occasionally read my blog!). But nothing too exciting to show. It's just a partially knitted large sack that will eventually become a cute bag!

And I'm FINALLY going to knit with some of that yummy Zen String yarn I got in a co-op a while back. I am about to start the Perambulate Socks using this yarn:


This is the Amethyst colorway. I was originally going to use Lufaloo (if you clicked on the link to the socks above, it's the colorway used for the main photo), but my dh convinced me to use this instead. According to him, it is " you!" (meaning me, of course). And to be honest, I like that one just as much and was having a hard time deciding, so I gave in and switched to Amethyst instead.

Like I said yesterday, I'm just starting a stole with that beautiful Pomegranite laceweight I made. I'm still on the fence as to which to use. We'll see how I feel when I get back to it, which probably won't happen until after the Grand Opening of Tiny Lady Cooperative.

And finally, while not knitting, it is still related to knitting. The most exciting event of my week... I had a WONDERFUL treat in my mailbox yesterday! It was a trade with a friend, Erin. She is going to become a foster mom soon, and is trying to accumulate all the necessary stuff. She fell in love with the LTK Hybrid Rib, but she isn't a knitter. So, since that is my favorite soaker pattern, I readily agreed. Other than the fact that it was fun, and that she's going to be a foster mom, so she deserves all the help she can get, why would I do that? Well, she makes these needle rolls... and they are just the greatest thing since sliced bread! So the deal was, 1 soaker for 1 needle roll. Here was my part (sort of -- you'll see what I mean in a minute). I dyed the yarn to her specifications, and knit up this adorable little newborn soaker. So much fun!:


And, well... I kinda cheated a bit, simply because I loved knitting the first so much. I had some leftover hanspun from last year (less than 2 oz) that seemed perfect for a second soaker. Of course, I was an idiot and forgot to take a picture of that one before I sent it to her (it was a surprise). I tried delaying the shipment a tad, in hopes that she'd get it after she already sent out the needle roll, but no luck. She was a little delayed from catching up after a vacation (we all know how hard that can be!) But you can see a picture of the other on her blog here: And you can see that she ended up cheating in return and making a second travel one -- despite my plea for her not to do so! Bad Erin ;-) But I'm not complaining!

I'm sure you saw the pictures on that link, but here you can see them with my knitting bag, and in action!

First, both rolls with my bag:


Now the main roll, obviously being well used!


You can definitely see my sock DPN obsession... the first 6 sets are all of my sock needles (0, 1, 2) in several varieties. And this doesn't include the metal 1's and 2's I have that just slipped down (hence the 2 "empty" looking slots).

And finally, the travel roll.


There isn't much in there right now simply b/c I was having too much fun filling the other one! But it will be perfect for going out and about, because, as much as I love my knitting bag, it really is just one giant sack. So having a place for all of my tools will make life much easier! THANK YOU ERIN!!!!

OK, one last item of business... I still needed to Tag five others for the WikiMeme. For those who are tagged, if you didn't see the previous post, the goal is to look up your birthday on Wikipedia and then post 3 events, 2 birthdays, and 1 holiday that all fall on your birthday. I have a feeling a few are going to be a tad annoyed (sorry!), and Sarah may not have time b/c I know she's due REALLY soon, but I am going to go tag (later today -- Cassie is waking now):

Crafty Carole
Sarah Easter


And my two partners in crime at Tiny Lady Cooperative
Colleen (aka "Spiffy Knits")
Lamar (aka "...a time to dye")

Which also reminds me, I need to go add Lamar to my favorite links list...

Starting tomorrow, I catch up on my other new obsession... dyeing! That one will probably take a while. There is no way I can post everything, but I can at least do a summary of how I got to this point, and some of the highlights! But if you want to check out my flickr gallery, it's here:


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