Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Can I tell you a secret?

Hello all! I don't really have any photo updates for any of my projects, but I did at least want to post about the "Tiny Lady Cooperative" hyenacart. We have an official opening date of July 24th. HOWEVER, to thank everyone who has supported and encouraged all three of us on this journey, we are having a "secret prestocking" on July 18th, starting at 12Noon EDT.

How will this work? Well, we've already stocked a bunch of stuff on the hyenacart (http://hyenacart.com/tinyladycooperative). Right now, they all say they will become available on July 24th. But tomorrow at noon eastern, I will switch everything there over to "available" until some time in the evening (haven't quite figured out when. Probably after my daughter goes to sleep, so maybe around 8pm EDT?). Then, whatever is still available will be switched back to preview until July 24th. Then, we will be adding some other items, including a couple of free lotteries, for the Grand Opening Stocking on the 24th.

Did we really think there would be some mad hyena frenzy for our stuff on the 24th? Not really... but we wanted to give our friends and supporters as much of a chance as possible to get anything they've been coveting, just in case!

We've also set up a yahoo group here: http://finance.groups.yahoo.com/group/tinyladycooperative/ that people can sign up for. We'll be using it to send out stocking information, special notices and promotions!

So, please, join us for tomorrows pre-festivity, in anticipation of our opening...

Oh, and just because I can't go without showing at least one photo, here's one of my most recent projects. I'm REALLY proud of it b/c it's new and different for me...

Tryst Hanspun Close-up

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carole said...

I love how the yarn turned out! Congrats on your preview.... I'm on a temporary yarn diet... DH has decided that I need to make him a vest from the Targhee that is now finished washing (well most of it) so I've been flicking like crazy... then to spin, then to knit. Think I'll choose a pattern b4 I spin it though!