Tuesday, July 3, 2007

So where are we now? Update Day 4

OK, so I think I'm almost up to date. Where do I go from here? Well, I'm not completely sure. Woobies Wool will stay on etsy, at least to list fiber. I'm not sure how much demand there will be for fiber on Hyenacart. Tiny Lady Cooperative opens middle to end of this month, depending on how we are progressing. In the mean time, I'm doing all the details of setting up an online store... a banner and logo (which probably means an update to the design here as well...), coming up with ball bands, figuring out how I'm going to handle shipping, etc. All the "fun stuff" of a business. And somewhere in the middle, I still want to dye up a few more batches (I have a couple of colorways I REALLY want to include in one of the first stockings) and spinning more fiber!

I will admit, at this point, I probably won't be adding pictures of some of my stuff until it "debuts" on hyenacart. I want at least SOME of the stuff to be a surprise. However, I do still have a few personal projects I've started working on as well...

I think I mentioned this a few days ago, but I've started a pair of Perambulate socks w/ some Lotus Toes. And there is this ADORABLE skirty that Heather made that I'm just dying to do for Cassie. I have two skeins of Zen String just begging to be used, so now I just have to dye up some solid yarn to match...

And finally, I think I MIGHT have figured out what to do with the Pomegranite laceweight. Someone pointed me in the direction of the "Mystery Stole 3" group. If it fits the bill (I'm going to start going through the group tonight) I may use it for that!

OK, so I think I'm up to date now! YAY!! I'm sure I missed stuff, but oh well :-D

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